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Owner: Evon Siew

| Canberra |


Designer: Jaslynn Shu

"Our ID, Jaslynn is a pleasant and creative lady. During our first few meetups, she proposes different design layouts on our new flat. She is open to our queries; thoughts and ideas, and not being insistent.

She will offer design ideas and give advices on choices of colour schemes and materials. She works within our budget and the cost on each item is transparent with no hidden cost.

Throughout the renovation journey, we are stress-free; worry-free. No matter how big or small the issues, she handles it all. She will keep us posted through photos on work done and provides weekly schedule on what to expect for the following week’s reno progress.

Jaslynn is very patience as most of the time we are fickle-minded. For instance, we wanted a change of wall colour just after the whole house has been painted.

Another incident happened just 2 weeks before the handover date. We wanted the louver windows and door of the service yard to be removed, which will involve hacking and re-tiling works. This is a challenge as the kitchen cabinets have been installed.

Imagine the stress that we have given to Jaslynn. Not a problem to her, she solved the issue and handled the whole matter amazingly well. Best of all there is no extension on the handover date. Thumbs Up for Jaslynn!

Last but not least, Metier Planner provides excellent after-renovation service.

Jaslynn and her team at Metier Planner is our recommendation to you for any interior design and renovation needs."


Owner: Charlson Ong

| Yishun |


Designer: Jocelyn Shu

"Soooo excited! of having my very own space and can’t wait to to revamp the space which I called home. But what I didn’t anticipate was finding a reliable interior designer (ID) was going to be a daunting task! It wasn’t till I met JOCELYN SHU from METIER PLANNER.

During the first meet-up, she was very patience and explained the process of what is going to happen (from the start to end).

Discussion after discussion, and after much deliberation, was provided with 3D picture on what my thoughts are into reality.

In any form of renovation, there bound to have issue and this one issue was the kitchen area where additional works are required which definately going to incur more cost. Instead of being pressure to increase my budget, to my delight, she had provided with another alternative where the outcome was equally impressive!

Of cos, the advices she’d given, from the design of windows, study and living room, etc. to the rules and regulations of renovating, truly assured me that she is one ID who is only reliable, trustworthy and also one who really care for her client.

And most importantly, NOT at any one point of time have I ever feel pressure to go over my budget and yet I’m able to get my dream (designer) home.

For a smooth and reliable process, from start to end, will absolutely recommend to anyone JOCELYN SHU to be his/her interior designer.


Owner: Tina

| Tampines |


Designer: Melvin Tan

"We went through discussions with several IDs and Melvin was the only one who completely understood what we wanted. Instead of giving us a tried and tested template of designs, he walked us through several concepts and we found one which suited us to a tee.

Melvin had an eye for little details that escaped us and helped create a home which we absolutely loved. All this done with a limited budget and a very tight timeline as we were in a rush to move in.

What impressed us most through the whole renovation process was how dedicated Melvin was. From helping us decide on furnishings, shopping for fittings and coordinating the delivery and installation of items that we had purchased from other vendors, he was always on hand to ensure that all was done to our satisfaction. He was also ever so patient with our fickleness and last minute changes and modifications.

We thoroughly enjoyed our renovation experience with Metier Planner all because Melvin made it such a painless process. Many thanks to Jocelyn too for accommodating all our special requests and for her invaluable input.

If you need an ID who will help create your dream home stress free on your part, we highly recommend Melvin simply for his brilliant designs and absolute dedication.

Many many thanks again Melvin for our beautiful home!


Owner: Victor Teo

| Beatty Road |


Designer: Jocelyn Shu & Melvin Tan

"We met with 7 IDs through Qanvast. We gave each of them very solar briefs but only 3 IDs came back with good proposals. Metier Planner was one of the 3. In the end we chose Jocelyn's and Melvin's proposal because it has the most wow factor!

We feel they understood us well and suggested a lot of design ideas that worked. The actual reno process went really well due to their good project management skills and their contractors.

Overall we are very impressed with the outcome and so were all our friends who viewed our place."


Owner: KC Koh

| Pasir Ris |


Designer: Jocelyn Shu

"We engaged Jocelyn from Metier Planner for the renovation of our home back in May this year.

From the offset, Jocelyn came across as a warm and engaged designer who was focused on our needs while balancing the wants based on the budget we have set out for her.

Throughout the renovation, she kept us up to speed on the progress of the work and helped us manage our expectations to keep us within budget. As with most renovation, there were challenges and unwanted surprises along the way but Jocelyn managed to remove these roadblocks through her creativity and resourcefulness. Her crew delivered quality work and the vendors she engaged were always professional and responsive to changes.

Thank you Jocelyn for everything you have done for us to make our home a true joy to live in. We cannot be more satisfied with the way our home turn out to be!


Owner: Ronald & Joyce

| Depot Road |


Designer: Jocelyn Shu

"Bubbly Jocelyn, once again saw to our needs and rescued us from a bathroom nightmare with corroded tub and leaking pipes. She gave us what we needed - practical homely spa like bathroom. She knew how to suggest the color and style to our liking without much effort. She helped saw and monitor from the beginning of demolishing the bathroom to the final touches of the completed work. She gave us reassurance and a peace of mind to still take a road trip during the reno. Truly a dedicate professional designer that will go her way to ensure your are happy and contented.


Thank you Jocelyn !!"


Owner: Bernard & Jade

| Yishun |


Designer: Jocelyn Shu & Simon

"The Metier Planner design team was fantastic! They openly listened to all of our concerns and provided various ideas and solutions for the project. They had transformed our small condo into the high-end luxurious pad that we were looking for. They went above and beyond accommodating our busy schedule and added every extra touch I imagined. We were very impressed with the high level of professionalism by the design team and they were amazing to work with from start to finish. We are now finished with this home but if we move into another one I will absolutely use Metier Planner again!"


Owner: YiXian

| Ang Mo Kio |


Designer: Jaslynn Shu

"Realistic advice given when planning out the design. Patience when deciding which layout and material will suit us. Jaslynn is willing to spend hours helping with your choices eg. planning/shopping for furniture. Very prompt reply on any updates regarding our home renovation.

Cost breakdown is transparent, no hidden cost. Actual and design has not much differences. Excellent carpentry works on the cupboard and kitchen cabinets. Excellent aftercare services."


Owner: Patrick & Jinn Wern

| Jurong |


Designer: Jocelyn Shu

"Searching for a designer to do minimal renovation is not easy. We have found a home that fits our requirements, hence we did not want to alter too much of the layout. Many have quoted us to remove the existing fittings and redo new ones, which resulted in expensive quotations that did not fit our budget.

Unlike other IDs, our ID Jocelyn catered to our needs, and at the same time work within the given budget. She will tell us places to cut cost, and prioritize our work when we become too dreamy. There was no hidden cost to the quotation, as everything was listed out and Jocelyn made sure she went through every item on the list with us before we proceed on with the works. We appreciate that, as we can better budget our finances to other areas. She advised us on removing partial items and fixing it back with the right support, while making the exterior aesthetically pleasing as well.

This team is a gem to work with, seriously we meant it, especially when we realised that Metier Planner even have their own carpentry factory in Singapore too. It makes going through the designs, doing up the carpentry and rectification of certain cabinets so much easier and fuss-free. We do not have to communicate with a lot of people, as Jocelyn is there to instruct her guys for us throughout. As first-time homeowners, we are constantly bombarding Jocelyn on the progress and design ideas. Jocelyn always replied us promptly, even after office hours! We are always receiving image updates from her, which helps us a lot as we are both working on shift hours. We feel that communication is a main key factor in engaging an ID, and Jocelyn has definitely scored full marks for this. We do not have to worry much during the process, nor we even need to micro manage the job (even i always wanted to) as she is able to solve issues on the spot, making sure things are done asap.

The whole process is fast without much hiccups, defects is unavoidable but done up fast, communication is excellent, timely delivery as we have to rush for Chinese New Year within weeks. What more can we ask for!

Huge thank you to Jocelyn and her team for their lovely job.

Now we can really have a place we called our own."


Owner: Sherman & Xiu Yin

| Buangkok |


Designer: Jocelyn Shu

"When we receive our keys, we were being skeptical on engaging interior firms. We got referred to Metier Planner and decided to give it a go. We met Jocelyn and realise we have great chemistry thus, proceed to engage her. 


Being new at this, she will take our request seriously and always providing us better ideas to improvise. During the process, she is always there to answer our queries even during weekends! We wanted a few changes and she went on to advise us and help us make the changes. She took care of the whole process and constantly update us on new developments. When renovation was done. It looked fanastic and we have no regrets. Everything was done so well!

I am amazed by her level of committment. I would truely recommend Jocelyn and Metier Planner to everyone. There is no regrets in engaging her as our designer."


Owner: Edwin


Designer: Jaslynn Shu

"If you're looking for an ID that understands your needs, listens attentively with a keen eye for detail - Metier Planner is the natural choice.

Jaslynn was our ID agent that walked with us throughout this journey. Beyond the expected qualities of an ID - detailed, conscientious and creative - Jaslynn listens keenly to the requirements that put forth. We scouted a few other ID firms prior and many were keen in pushing promotional packages - hearing, not listening.


Jaslynn understands well that renovation isn't just another service to earn that extra buck - it's about putting life into the design, building homes and not houses, giving us a place that we look towards returning to at the end of everyday."


Owner: Alvin Chia

| Pasir Ris |


Designer: Jocelyn Shu

"We have engaged Jocelyn three times for our homes renovation. Jocelyn have never let us down with her creativity, ideas, personality and work ethics. She is always a joy to work with and she will give you an honest opinion if the idea won’t work or it just cost too much. The contractors she engaged have wonderful workmanship and very little rectifications are required. We will definitely engaged her again for any future home renovation. "


Owner: Firdaus & Aisyah

| Bukit Batok |


Designer: Jocelyn Shu

"Being our first home, we both excited and nervous as we were unsure of what to expect. We had a rough idea of how we wanted our first home to look like and Jocelyn made everything we had envisioned come to life. The home renovation journey with Jocelyn was a pleasant and smooth one. She was quick to rectify issues that occurred and was always available to answer queries. She provided us with sense of assurance that what she had presented on paper was what she'll be able to deliver. In addition, she offered ideas and opinions to make decision making on our part a little less stressful.

In all, we are glad to have met Jocelyn as our ID and we would highly recommend her to future home owners who would like to make their dream home reality.

With that, thank you to Jocelyn and her team for the wonderful home."


Owner: Cindy

| Canberra |


Designer: Jocelyn Shu

"Home Renovation journey is smooth with Jocelyn. She is able to complete renovation with the tight timeframe that we have given. She is always available when we have doubts on the renovation. Also will quote and suggest the material used within our budget. Material quality provided is good & she handles everything & we are worry-free during the renovation!!"


Owner: Marcus & Pauline

| Bedok |


Designer: Jaslynn Shu

"Dearest Jaslynn,

Thank you so much for making the experience of creating our first home an enjoyable one! You took our dream, bounced inspiring ideas with us, injected sound advice, and made it come true!

Most people overlook the importance of an interior designer's project management skills and have to pay a hefty price... Thankfully, we didn't have to learn this lesson with you! It is now 6 months in, and we are extremely pleased to say we are enjoying our home as much as the day we moved in.

We look forward to building our next home with you!"


Owner: Darren

| Ang Mo kio |


Designer: Jocelyn Shu

"Jocelyn was a superb ID that we were thankful to have engaged. Her youthful looks belittled the wealth of ideas and experience that she carries. She is patient with us and always comes out with VERY VERY GOOD and Excellent ideas to address our problems. She catches on very quick to our requirements and can quickly pat our requirements into brilliant ideas.

A real treasure to work with."


Owner: Walter & Xiang Ling


Designer: Jaslynn Shu

"Great designs & delivery that made our little home look much bigger; which is great!



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